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Ferrbatt, with over 15 years of experience in the renewable energies sector being the official distributor of SheenPlus photovoltaic kits, allows to its customers to reduce energy consumption, achieve a partial grid independence and promote environmental sustainability.
The first thing that springs to mind, talking about a photovoltaic plant, is the image of photovoltaic modules, ignoring that the photovoltaic kit is composed by other key elements like solar inverters, cables, solar connectors, protection equipments, mounting and monitoring systems, and energy storage systems.

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SheenPlus kit offers a smart and efficient energetic system to businesses and private individuals, it is an innovative and sustainable tool which leads significant economic and environmental benefits for both, industry and consumers.


The energy transition is an irreversible process that is involving the whole world.
Whether plants are industrial, commercial or residential, the photovoltaic systems are becoming increasingly important by providing green energy for self- consumption and contributing to grid feeding.
This requires not only high-quality photovoltaic modules, but also equally advanced technology that enables the use of solar energy.
Ferrbatt faces this challenge and does that with SheenPlus systems perfectly integrated: Inverter and accumulator are proposed as the professional solution suitable for every application.

On-Grid Solar Inverter

On-Grid Single Phase and Three Phase Inverters

Hybrid Solar Inverter

with 2 MPPT and over 98% efficiency

High-Voltage Li-ion battery

Model: SP_B-5K-5000